Haunting Theory
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Theory on Hauntings by Tom of EPGR.

Why do ghosts haunt a specific location, or an item or even a person for that matter? my take on it is that Ghosts haunt a person, place or thing that they have become attached to while they were alive. The haunting of a person, place or thing is the most common type of paranormal activity there is. But understanding why they do it has alot of people like myself wondering.
Take in all the accounts of haunted items being sold on ebay, now there is no way to tell before you buy the item that it is truly haunted, and there is also no guarantee that when you purchase the item that the spirit said to be within it will come with it. Haunted ebay items are by far the most ridiculous thing i have ever seen, why would someone list an item that is supposedly haunted and say it is giving them so much trouble and sell it to the highest bidder, hoping the spirit that haunts the item goes with it and bothers the buyer for awhile.
It just doesnt work like that, if you think something is haunted and you go to sell it, there is no guarantee the spirit will go with it, because in actuality the haunting can come from inside your own home but the spirit makes itself known using a specific object.

The haunting of homes can be explained as a loved one watching over you in the afterlife, or your house being built on a cemetary or something along those lines, you may even have a spirit in your home that you do not even know of, because it never manifests itself to you. There is alot of factors to go over when reviewing a haunting, like "is this entity here to hurt me or watch over me"? Which seems to be the most common question when investigating any haunting. Truth be told that nobody really knows why a haunting goes on, but it does happen, i myself was once a skeptic on ghosts and hauntings and anything paranormal, until my parents and other relatives told us all about the house that my aunt used to live in, which you can read about here Ebenezer House.

Hauntings can happen just about anywhere and to anyone, if you think you have a haunting in your home, then you must rule out every logical explanation that it could be, like animals or the house settling or neighbors who like to bang walls all the time to hang pictures.
The definate and most common occurance of a haunting is the loss of a loved one who watches over you even from the afterlife, if your close to someone who has died then chances are the spirit of the person is still going to be around to stay close to you, but there is no guarantee of that.

Nobody really knows why a haunting takes place, alot of people have their own explanations, mine is some of the things i have already mentioned but 1 i did not mention was that a spirit of a loved one might have some unfinished business to take care of and they would like to stick around to keep an eye on things or to lead you in the right direction on you finishing what they didnt so they can rest.

I believe all spirits need some kind of help, and they only manifest to you to try and communicate, even the evil spirits. All spirits are restless and they need some sort of guidance to help them finally rest, and i believe this is why ghosts haunt a specific person, place or thing, because they need help of some sort.

Thus includes my Haunting theory and thank you for reading.
And the next time you hear a bump in the night or see some sort of entity or shadow, remember that not all ghosts are here to hurt us, but are seeking our help, and once we truly understand a spirit, the faster they can finally rest in peace.

Theory By Tom Brobst
Co-Founder Of EPGR