Wallpapers By Me

Name Description

Tara Reid
This Tara Reid Wallpaper was made by request down to the exact description to what was wanted.

Hilary Duff 1
A new wallpaper of the Hilary Duff Blender Photoshoot.

Elisha Cuthbert
This is a High Quality desktop wallpaper of Elisha Cuthbert, I was asked to improve this so i hope it passes this time.

I added sort of a dark mountainy background to this so it seems to leap out at you, all in all a nice effect.

Carnage at his best, i added a sort of reddish type of background to this pic i resized and it gave it a very nice effect

ArchAngel 1
An ArchAngel wallpaper, check it out you might like it.

ArchAngel 2
Another ArchAngel wallpaper, check it out you might like this 1 too.

Warped Windows XP
This was made in photoshop, if you want it a different size then email me.

Electric Superman
Wallpaper i put together using adobe photoshop of the "Electric Superman"

Britney Spears 3
3rd installment of the Britney Spears wallpaper.

Benjamin Mackenzie
Benjamin McKenzie who plays Ryan on the OC, this wallpaper was made by request.

Lindsay Lohan Dreamscape
The Lindsay Lohan version of Dreamscape that i did previously with Hilary Duff.

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