Sleepy Hollow - Kulpmont, PA
Where: "Sleepy Hollow", Kulpmont, PA
When: November 23, 2004
Time: Approximately 10 PM EST
Materials Used: 2 Flashlights, 2 Digital Cameras, 1 Voice Recorder, 1 EMF Detector, 1 Digital Thermometer
Members Present: Jess, Tom, Mike, Chris, Justyn

"Sleepy Hallow" Follow-up Investigation. August 16, 2005.

We decided to check out this particular location due to the stories we had heard about it. This area is basically an old, overgrown cemetery. Most of the markers are barely seen due to the overgrowth that was present. Legend has it that at this location many years ago (we're not exactly sure of a year), there used to be a large cross in the center of the cemetery. This cross was to be made from cement (or something along those lines) and was to be indestructable. However, one day, 3 men decided to destroy the cross, for reasons unknown. They ripped it down and destroyed it. After doing this they apparently had gotten into a car accident and all 3 had died.

We have heard a few different stories from this particular location, which seems to be that of a "hot spot" in the area. People have reported of hearing an organ playing at midnight, hearing other noises, and seeing things. While talking about this location with the people we talked with, everyone had referred to it as "Sleepy Hollow".

We ventured to "Sleepy Hollow" to see what all the talk was about. As soon as we entered this eerie area an awkward presence was in the air. The sense that someone was watching us as we walked along the path, which looked like that of a tunnel with trees guiding on both sides. We noticed numerous tombstones in the wooded, grown in area. Some were destroyed, and others looked as if they had been placed there no more than a year ago.

We preceeded to follow the path to what seemed to be the "center" of "Sleepy Hollow". In this area, we found a large, square cement piece. It had a couple steps leading to the top. On the top of the "stand" we noticed a large hole. We assumed this to be the location of the once standing cross. After investigating this area for a little while, we moved on along the path. The path continued to be guided by trees on both sides, and the uneasiness followed. We received a few short jumps on the EMF meter, and were startled by a strange noise as we entered what seemed to be another part of "Sleepy Hollow", while venturing past the large tree that had fallen across the path. This is where we ended our investigation and headed back, taking our time to make sure we didn't miss anything. The uneasiness lessened as we left the area, and once we were outside of the old run-down gate, it had gone away completely.

Here's you can see the cement object where the supposed cross once stood in the picture.

This picture is kinda of "weird". You can see what looks like 3 "orbs", however they look somewhat faint. If you look at the pic for a little while, you can notice what looks like the shape of a figure of some sort. I just thought this picture was interesting.

The Evidence: After going over the data we collected we were unable to find any EVPs. Most of the pictures we took came back with nothing more than a couple "orbs". There was a temperature fluctuation of a few degrees at the same point the EMF meter jumped, but still nothing outstanding.

Conclusion: We are definitely planning a follow-up investigation to "Sleepy Hollow". We would like to spend more time there and we hope to find something more promising. We will have to call this investigation as "Inconclusive" for the time being.